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Small tiles for great ideas

All creation which is relevant in history is created from the mixture of small events, ideas or materials, which in their fusion, achieve in becoming outstanding as a whole.

Atoms which make elements. Elements which make up ideas. Ideas which turn into perfect harmony.

Decocer creates, piece by piece, big atmospheres from small-format tiles which exude beauty and character by themselves, however, when combining them with each other, they achieve the highest level of excellence.

Attention to detail.


Small tiles for great ideas. Your ideas.

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We process material in order to

shape your ideas

Personalisation of small format tiles

Gas and powder. The universe was created because of them. The most magnificent work ever known, which is at the centre of everything. What is natural, is what is perfect, the most organically perfect is that which is based on what is natural.  

With the aim of creating your own universe, we work raw materials until they become ceramic shapes. Our specialisation in small-format ceramic manufacturing and state-of-the-art ceramic technology, makes it possible to materialise pieces which not only fulfil the projects technically, but also create unique and incomparable atmospheres.  

Colours that surround. Texture and volumes which captivate.  

Are you a ceramic manufacturer, a marketer or a distributor seeking custom-made ceramic productions? Let us shape your ideas.  

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